Rocktopia offers a wide variety of services to accompany the process of drawing up the product, turning the concept into reality, and assembling its elements on-site and within the agreed time frame.


Our design and architecture team ensures that the client’s initial idea is accurately turned into a functional design, without losing individuality or requirements.

Whether designing play areas, caving systems, themed elements or interactive exhibits, our designers and architects consider all aspects required for these products, such as the functional, technical, social and aesthetic options.

We prepare:

Concept design
Schematic Design
2D drawings
3D models
Photorealistic Visualizations


Each design passes through our engineering department before going into production. Our team of engineers is responsible for the safety and quality in regards to the design, manufacturing and installation.

3D modeling
Load calculations
Shop drawings
Assembly drawings
Material specifications
User manuals


All of our products are manufactured in our factory in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria. Our extensive knowledge of material specifications gives us the opportunity to offer high-quality products at a good price. The pre-fabrication method of our production process allows us to keep the client's tight deadlines.


We have our own team of technicians, sculptors and artists to ensure that the final product delivered matches the client’s expectations and the project specification.

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